Author: Sarah Chesney

Quick thinking

I want to highlight two examples of how the world wide web can be a powerful, educational tool for learning and for collaborating, in turn generating more knowledge and expertise. I also want to make a suggestion for enhancing and improving these two examples. First – Wikipedia, which is no doubt familiar to most. Wikipedia,…

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Facebook – addictive, pervasive, necessary?

The ease with which Facebook account holders can publish, share, comment, connect has led to the social networking site becoming embedded into our lives without so much as a raised eyebrow. We like Facebook as a nation with a third of the UK population logging onto the site everyday (Guardian 04/02/2014) Collectively we share our…

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The World of Flux: The conflux of professional development and technology

This is the first blog post from Flourish Learning Limited so it’s appropriate that we use it to set the scene, giving you an overview of how we view the world of work and what inspires us. The contributors to a recently published book from  99U   ‘Maximize Your Potential’ (Glei, 2013) have fired our imagination because…

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