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Starting the new academic year

Do it digital, but do it right Introduction At Flourish Learning we are passionate about maximizing the benefits going digital can bring, whilst remaining mindful of the challenges we face as life becomes more dependent on digital tools and technologies. Some of these challenges reside in the ethical sphere, how do we want our digital…

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The web we want Part 2

I’d like to think there was movement afoot to call to account social media companies and large organisations who use them unquestioningly, but this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Those in a leadership position in large organisations could be calling for a ‘cultural swing’ as Bex Lewis comments in my previous blog post on…

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Facebook – addictive, pervasive, necessary?

The ease with which Facebook account holders can publish, share, comment, connect has led to the social networking site becoming embedded into our lives without so much as a raised eyebrow. We like Facebook as a nation with a third of the UK population logging onto the site everyday (Guardian 04/02/2014) Collectively we share our…

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